Posted by Peter on February 14, 2013 at 23:12:31
I guess I should probably start updating this thing again, huh.

sketches since last post:
2013.02.14 gestures3 186kb
2013.02.14 gestures2 201kb
2013.02.14 gestures1 189kb
2013.01.12 berenice marlohe 267kb
2012.12.26 sea 119kb
finished since last post:
2012.12.16 complicated 276kb
2012.12.12 the host 210kb

Posted by Peter on April 1, 2012 at 00:00:00
Testing the newfangled upload linker.

sketches since last post:
2012.03.22 weegie wizard 53kb
2012.01.22 spike 604kb
2012.01.20 dirty 538kb
2011.12.08 gestures4 484kb
2011.12.08 gestures3 506kb
2011.12.08 gestures2 505kb
2011.12.08 gestures1 524kb
2011.11.23 gestures4 514kb
2011.11.23 gestures3 521kb
2011.11.23 gestures2 512kb
2011.11.23 gestures1 497kb
2011.11.22 gestures6 515kb
2011.11.22 gestures5 527kb
2011.11.22 gestures4 535kb
2011.11.22 gestures3 540kb
2011.11.22 gestures2 522kb
2011.11.22 gestures1 527kb
2011.11.21 gestures4 531kb
2011.11.21 gestures3 500kb
2011.11.21 gestures2 505kb
2011.11.21 gestures1 526kb
2011.06.24 one eye 152kb
2011.05.19 curve 138kb
alters since last post:
2011.06.25 time walk 116kb
2011.06.02 liliana vess 86kb
2011.06.02 jace beleren 76kb
2011.06.02 garruk wildspeaker 78kb
2011.06.02 chandra nalaar 83kb
2011.06.02 ajani goldmane 79kb

Posted by Peter on May 15, 2011 at 13:42:16
Found some time to sketch some more and paint up another card.

sketches since last post:
2011.05.14 some things 206kb
2011.05.14 lady face 131kb
2011.05.03 discus thrower 110kb
2011.05.03 david by bernini 110kb
alters since last post:
2011.05.12 mana drain 66kb

Posted by Peter on May 01, 2011 at 23:48:29
Still sketch-a-doodlin'.

sketches since last post:
2011.05.01 david by michelangelo 143kb

Posted by Peter on April 26, 2011 at 00:10:44
Couple new sketches up; it has not been a good time for faces.

sketches since last post:
2011.04.18 ukka 101kb


"I'm just waiting to watch komo 4 news or king 5 about two years from now and hearing about how two UW students (you and Anton) cured a disease that absolutely no one had. And then being called gods for it."
-- Casey N.
"I can see that. But I'll do you one better.
The first news article comes out next year:
'Two UW freshman accidentally create worst pandemic world has ever known.'
One year later:
'Two UW sophomores miraculously cure disease they created last spring.'"
-- Brendan B.
"Not accidentally. They would create a disease and a cure simultaneously, and then wait a while to release the cure, becoming rich and famous."
-- Evan M.